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Some Iliad Follow-ups

Here are a few of the questions that came up during my reading group’s last call. Any good ones I missed? Are there any lost books that were part of the Iliad cycle? Is there an anti-monarchical message embedded in the portrayals of the kings … Continue reading

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Mary Beard on why we read the Classics

Check out Classicist Mary Beard’s somewhat discursive lecture on the state of the Classics in contemporary culture, including consideration of a “decline” that goes back centuries, and some inspiring points for those of us who continue to engage w… Continue reading

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Was Alexander reckless?

Posted by Bill Swislow, member of the Arrian reading group 2 Thinking about Alexander’s risk taking, it seems fair to say that by our standards his behavior is reckless on the face of it. After all, as pointed out on a recent call, our political l… Continue reading

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