Some Iliad Follow-ups

Here are a few of the questions that came up during my reading group’s last call. Any good ones I missed?

·         Are there any lost books that were part of the Iliad cycle?

·         Is there an anti-monarchical message embedded in the portrayals of the kings and their families?

·         Did the ancients see the gods as behaving as horribly as most of us would see them today?

·         In ancient Greek theology, how powerful are the gods? Is fate stronger than they are? Why the did the gods need to protect destiny from the Greeks overreaching it?

·         Was all the gore partly included for entertainment? For realism? For an anti-war message?  How was it perceived by contemporary audiences?

·         Were there two or more authors? 

·         How was the Iliad performed? How would changes of scene have been handled?

·         What’s up with the horses crying amid the slaughter?


And if you’re ready to sign up to read the Odyssey, here’s the link:

Finally, Andre Stipanovic shared this story from the New York Times about the location of Odysseus’ home:

The story is another fine example of a non-academic’s contribution to classical studies.

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