The Beauty of Alexander’s Life

“The beauty of Alexander’s life is that he did live out so many of the myths. He is the greatest Greek hero of all. In his story we find Achilles (who he outdid), Oedipus (hurt by his mother, Olympias, and her possible involvement in Philip’s death), Hercules (hurt by Roxane and his son’s fate, a son he has to abandon in the end because of bad faith with her over Hephaestion), Jason (hurt by his mother and wife’s crimes — Medea), and Prometheus (who sacrificed himself to elevate mankind to another level).” – Oliver Stone, director of Alexander: Revisited.

From an Alexander dialogue (with video) in three parts at Forbes, with Stone and leading scholars Paul Cartledge of Cambridge/NYU (also a Reading Odyssey boardmember) and James Romm of Bard.

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