What an Average Ancient Greek Looked Like

Museumgoers get their first glimpse of an average resident of ancient Greece.

DNA from a mass grave found in Athens in the mid-1990s helped experts identify typhoid fever as a possible source of the plague that killed off one quarter of the city’s population in the fifth century  B.C. Now Manolis Papa­grig­or­­ak­is, the University of Athens or­­tho­dontist who published the typhoid discovery in 2006, has assisted in restoring the skull of an 11-year-old girl found in that same grave. Known as Myrtis, she is part of the exhi­bit “Myrtis: Face to Face with the Past” at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki in Greece until March 13. Her reconstruction, the first of a layperson from ancient Greece, is described in the January issue of Angle Orthodontist.

read the rest of the story at Scientific American:

(photo credit: Yiorgos Karahalis Reuters)
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