Seeing the Troubled Queen

Jeff Doyle at the Open Museum attended the Boston Slow Art last weekend and just published a piece about his experience – including a video of his experience looking at Jackson Pollock’s “The Troubled Queen.”

Ezra Pound, Jackson Pollock and Madonna all play a part in his post. See his text, video and photos here in Learning to Look with Slow Art.

If you are interested in attending or hosting Slow Art in your city, then go here to

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1 Response to Seeing the Troubled Queen

  1. Jeff Doyle says:

    <p>Some viewers have asked whether the sound is broken in the video. The only sound in the video is the ambient sound that I recorded standing in front of the painting.</p><p>When we are looking at a painting, we often don’t notice that we are also hearing things because we assume that the "real" experience is visual. </p><p>The anecdote of Agissiz and the fish is all about getting beyond what we are "supposed" to see, and learning to look.</p><p>Art is a contact sport.</p>

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