Slow Art Boston – amazing

Michelle May, Payal Kripalani and the other artists at eInvite, who hosted Slow Art Boston and Slow Art Worcester this last weekend, described their Slow Art experience today on their corporate design blog (and posted many photos).

Slow Art was pretty amazing! I walked away from my museum falling in love with the work of   Redon, learning about the tale of a long lost Del Sarto found in a church attic here in town, and seeing the excitement one “Slow Art-ee” felt when she saw the signature on a Albrucht Dürer woodcut print. 

And here’s a photo of two participants looking at an El Greco.


Thanks to Payal and Michelle for hosting Slow Art this weekend – and for their blog post. 

See their whole piece here.

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1 Response to Slow Art Boston – amazing

  1. October 21, 2009 at 03:40 PM says:

    <p>Hearty thanks to Payal and Michelle – the day was incredible and the experience will not be forgotten… Hope to host one next year!</p>

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