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Slow Art hosts.

This page contains next steps for what you need to do between now and your first Slow Art event.

Here’s the mp3 from yesterday’s conference call, in case anyone wants to hear it again or missed it.

Send your e-mail intro to the whole group. Great way to get to know the other hosts.


2. Promote the event through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, your blog (if you have one)
Get your eventbrite link up around the web. 


3. Go to your city’s online event calendar and add the event (like Payal did with


4. Contact your museum (optional)
If you like, contact the PR, communications or outreach person at your museum. If you have questions about this or want any help, ask Jeff Gates –


5. Login to your eventbrite admin account.
You should have your login. If you are having trouble loggin in to your eventbrite account, contact Phil.


6. Visit your museum, select your art, prepare your template
Visit your museum, select your 10+ pieces that you recommend your participants view and then prepare your template.


Here’s the template for you to fill out:


If you have any questions about the template or selection process, ask Gillian Rose:


7. E-mail template to your attendees 10 – 14 days before the event
You’ll want to export the list of attendees, so you can e-mail them your template. To do that, you do the following:


– Login to eventbrite
– Click on your event
– Click on “edit”
– Click on “manage”
– Click on “attendee report”
– Click on “export to Excel”
– Click on “open file with Excel”


Once you have opened the attendee report, then you can copy all the e-mail addresses into your e-mail program and send the attendees your template.


8. Make a reservation at the restaurant or cafe 
Call the restaurant or cafe and make a reservation 10-14 days before your event. Let them know you’ll call back to confirm.


9. Send a reminder note Monday before your event
Go back to eventbrite and export your attendee list and send a reminder note with all the information about your event. Include the template again.


10. Send another reminder note Friday before your event.
Say something like “Look forward to seeing you tomorrow…” and again include all the info about your event.


11. During your lunchtime conversation, if you use Twitter or any of your participants do…
then ask them to use #slowart for any tweets they put about the event, conversation.


12. Send out a note after your event to with..
With your quick thoughts on what worked, what didn’t work, what you would do again, what you’d change for the next event (just assume you are doing another one – even if that’s not the case – it will help us build a library of best practices).


13. And send a note to your participants thanking them for coming.


14. Attend the conference call in November (date to be set).


Thanks so much, everyone!


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One Response to Host info

  1. Alexandra says:

    <p>I am so happy to have been led to the slowart movement through someone’s post on twitter. As an art history professor I have always practised slow art, and tried to encourage it in my friends and students. </p><p>I see that no events have been hosted in Florence Italy yet, but that will change. I’ll be in touch as soon as I can get my ideas together to run an event here, in a city with too many "fast" tourists that is actively reaching out now to include slower ones.</p>

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