Wonderful call with Dr. Amato, American Museum of Natural History

We just had a wonderful call with Dr. Amato, Director of the Center for Conservation Genetics at the American Museum of Natural History. 

If you missed it, then you must listen to this audio recording, follow this web-based powerpoint and check out the experiment on Twitter:

1. Audio

2. Web-based Powerpoint (to follow along while listening – not necessary but adds to it)

3. Twitter
Note: Only a few listeners contributed to the “live tweet”, but the comments are definitely interesting and worthwhile checking out.

Dr. Amato inspired us with his passion for evolutionary biology, with his virtual tour of his 80+ person genetics/genomics lab that sites behind-the-scenes at the American Museum of Natural History and surprised us with how he and his team use genetics to make important contributions to the preservation of endangered species (among other things).

Dr. Amato is a true friend of the Reading Odyssey and deserves our thanks!


P.S. Thanks to HiDefConferencing, a division of Citrix Online, and Constant Contact for sponsoring tonight’s call (through donating phone lines and services).
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One Response to Wonderful call with Dr. Amato, American Museum of Natural History

  1. Stephan Roche says:

    <p>I joined the call and enjoyed it immensely! As you stated at the end of the call, I’m not a scientist by training, but I have made it a point to educate myself as an adult. Which is kind of funny because I actually entered Princeton with the expectation that I would major in Biology. Regrettably, I just didn’t have the discipline back in those days to stick with the program.<br><br>I also regret not inviting my children to join for last night’s call with Dr. Amato. As a west coast resident, it’s a bit more difficult to pull that off with a 5pm start. But, I know my kids would have enjoyed the call live. Instead, I plan to have them listen to the recorded version. It was very cool to hear the 10 year old’s question.<br></p>

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