Kimarie Matthews (A2009)


Kimarie Matthews manages the customer research, loyalty and voice of the customer programs for Wells Fargo’s Internet Services Group. She is currently working on buidling the “Customer Experience Scorecards”, a tool to help the business act on customer feedback to positively impact the customer experience. She welcomes calls and questions on this topic. 

She is also interested in how businesses should engage in social media to listen to and talk to their customers.  She believes that while customer loyalty is primarily built by consistently delivering on the basics of why customers use your product/service, loyalty can be cemented by making customers feel important and “heard.”  She is working on projects to let customers know Wells Fargo is listening through social media, such as responding to customer comments in the blogoshpere and developing an online customer community at 

Prior to joining Wells Fargo in 2006, Kimarie worked in a combination of online financial services and retail firms: Bank of America,, and Andersen Consulting’s financial services practice (now Accenture). Kimarie earned a B.A. in political science from Stanford University and currently lives in Burlingame, CA with her husband and 2 sons.

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