Erik Hagerman (A2009)


Depending on when and whom you ask, Erik Hagerman is either a creative executive with an art problem, or an artist with a creative executive problem. As a creative executive, he’s designed online user experiences and led creative teams for companies ranging from the small and startuppy (PlanetRx, Cuil) to the large and behemothy (Wal-Mart, Disney).  He is currently Vice President, Creative for, a startup search engine. Prior to joining Cuil, he was Vice President, Creative at, where he led marketing and site design and built and managed the user experience  team. As an artist, he builds sculpture and assemblage out of mostly salvaged materials and found objects, including salvaged lumber, wooden foundry molds and used wooden toy building blocks (pics at ).  Hagerman recently moved his art-making operations into a superfantabulous warehouse space in Brooklyn, NY, which would be awesome except for the fact that the company he recently joined is located in Menlo Park, CA.  Is this awkward? Yes it is. He holds a BA in History from Dartmouth College and an MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Magdalen College, Oxford University, where he studied as a Marshall Scholar.

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1 Response to Erik Hagerman (A2009)

  1. September 09, 2009 at 08:23 PM says:

    <p>I worked for EriK at, best creative I have ever worked for. He is brilliant.</p>

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