Thucydides in the Movies?

Hello everyone,

It was fun to rent a movie during my Herodotus reading when someone mentioned that his book was part of the movie, “The English Patient.”  I was wondering if you know of any movies that contain Thucydides?

I believe I ran across one by chance this week.  While channel flipping, I saw a short clip from “Patriot Games” where the character named Jack, played by Harrison Ford, is teaching history at Annapolis.  He’s asking the students what reasons were given for going to war with Athens.  I think he was referring to one of the speeches in Thucydides, but its not called out specifically in the movie.  One of the students says the reason is pride.  It was a very brief scene, but it made me wonder if there were other movies where Thucydides looms larger.


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One Response to Thucydides in the Movies?

  1. December 11, 2008 at 03:27 PM says:

    <p>He looms pretty darn large in "300". Although I don’t recall any mutant rhinos from my reading of the book. Juuuust a bit of poetic license there.</p>

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