Welcome to our Thucydides Reading Group

Phil Terry and I want to welcome you to the Thucydides reading group 2008-2009.  We will hold an Introductory conference call on Mon Nov 3.  The phone number for this call and subsequent calls, as well as subsequent call dates, will follow.  We encourage everyone to obtain a copy of Robert Strassler’s edition of Thucydides.  In it, Victor Davis Hanson’s Introduction is very informative and valuable.  Also, Robert Strassler’s Editor’s Note is essential to getting the most out of Strassler’s format and, of course, Thucydides’ numerous references to the ancient world of the 5th century Greek city-states.  We will touch on these two sections of the Strassler edition, as well as strategies on how to read Thucydides on our Introductory call.  Looking forward to ‘meeting’ you all and engaging in discussion with you.  Here’s to the start of a new group and a new year of reading the Classics!

Andre Stipanovic, your reading group moderator

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  1. October 22, 2008 at 05:37 PM says:

    <p>Mark and everyone,</p><p>I definitely recommend the Kindle. It has the financial drawbacks that Mark mentions but I agree that it’s much easier in terms of travel and multi-book reading.</p><p>I just came back from a 2-week trip and was able to carry 15 books with me. I used to have a separate book bag for my books – now all 15 )+_ are in this lightweight device.</p><p>The biggest drawback for me is that I can’t easily take notes in the margins. So, for first-time through some of the great books like Plato or Aristotle or Thucydides I’m sticking to the print editions (even while I have electronic editions on backup on the kindle in case I can’t carry the big book around).</p><p>Phil </p>

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