Phillip Moss (T2008)

Phillip Moss Joined Gump’s in September 2007 and leads multi-channel technology and direct operations for a single department-store in San Francisco’s Union Square shopping district and a national mail-order catalog and web business.

Since joining Gump’s in 2006, Phillip replaced foundational pieces of the business as he implemented carrier management and supply-chain disciplines, IT, Fulfillment and then Call Center through a compliment of balanced in-sourced and out-sourced solutions.  These accomplishments were positive to both his customer’s experience and P/L netting a reduction in expense greater than 40% measured at the bottom line.

Prior to Gump’s, Phillip actively managed internal teams and consulting projects for retail, technology, non-profit fund-raising, product marketing and service delivery industries.  Notable company names in Phillip’s portfolio are Smith & Hawken, Apple Computer, Working Assets Long Distance, Disney Direct, BabyCenter and Restoration Hardware in addition to others that introduced Phillip to compelling business models and strategic/tactical challenges that stretched the boundaries of industry and professional experience.

Phillip is completing his Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Management at Dominican University.

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