Thanks again!

Hi Everyone,

What a great experience it was to read and discuss Herodotus with all of you!  Though I’m a little sad our book group has come to an end, I love the feeling of having lived for so many months with one of the greatest works of western civilization. 

Thanks again, Andre, for your excellent work as moderator, and thanks to all fellow group members who put so much effort into reading the book, emailing around commentary, and having great discussions on the calls.

I hope to meet you all in person at some point at one of Phil’s get togethers, and I’m looking forward to reading Aristotle (hopefully with some of you) in January.



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One Response to Thanks again!

  1. September 10, 2008 at 08:39 AM says:

    <p>And again from me. Thanks for all the work and thoughtfulness you all put into this endeavor. I look forward to keeping in touch and much more enlightening reading.</p>

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