take "sweet good hope" as your companion when reading Plato


as you trudge through the republic, take sweet good hope as your constant companion.

one of my favorite lines from the first three books is from the “introduction” where Cephalus refers to Pindar and says…

“…someone who knows that he hasn’t been unjust has sweet good hope as his constant companion…” (section 331; page 975 in our edition)

you have not been unjust so take sweet good hope with you as you tackle some of the difficult debates.

best to you with sweet good hope,


p.s. we’ve seen Pindar before – not just referenced in our earlier readings of Plato but also by Herodotus. Herodotus quotes Pindar as saying “custom is king of all.” one of my favorite quotes from Herodotus and something I continue to think about. (3.38 in Herodotus)

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