Herodotus Shows Up Again


I was on one of my weekly business flights and I picked up a Discover Magazine for some light reading during take-off and landing when I’m not allowed to use my electronic work gadgets.  I was reading an article on mummies that was fascinating and it turned out that the mummies they were digging up were of the Scythians!  The article then went on to reference Herodotus.  The interesting thing is that the evidence in these burial mounds supports the reports from Herodotus about the Scythians and their customs, including the sacrifices they did during funerals as well as their nomadic existence.  I found an online link to the article so here it is if you’re interested.


May you all become rich as Croesus.  ;-D


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1 Response to Herodotus Shows Up Again

  1. July 09, 2008 at 08:46 AM says:

    <p>Thanks Jim!</p><p>Following the links around, I found a useful hyper-linked Histories on the internet. Not a way to read but a useful way to check footnotes, background notes and etc.</p><p>(And by the way: we’re way richer than Croesus! All he had was gold–and nothing to do with it but pile it up and impress people.)</p><p>Henry<br></p>

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