Question about how to answer the experiments

It became obvious that we all fell into patterns of answers that were in line with the study he is doing, and in line with how most people behaviorally answer these questions.  My question is – given that Eric told us that is what most people do, are we being asked to answer the questions with that in mind (trying to outsmart the established skew), or do we go along with literally reading the question and answering as we normally would if we did not have the information that Eric provided us?

That answer will be helpful for me, moving forward with the rest of this particular presentation.


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1 Response to Question about how to answer the experiments

  1. May 16, 2008 at 03:34 PM says:

    <p>Eric,</p><p>Jill has a good basic question below. My answer is that the students are answering the questions as they normally would. And I think that’s how most people did that yesterday.</p><p>Maybe you could talk a little bit about question design and the number of experiments that have confirmed the results we saw on the call yesterday.</p><p>Thanks!</p><p>Phil</p>

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