favorites stories? observations? questions?

Folks,Love the online dialogue that’s beginning to happen. I was out to dinner last night with a few of our reading group members and we had a good chat about favorite stories and observations.

So – what are your favorite stories so far?

What’s the experience like of reading this book written 2,500 years ago? What’s familiar? What’s unfamiliar?

Any other observations?

Any questions?


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One Response to favorites stories? observations? questions?

  1. March 31, 2008 at 10:49 AM says:

    <p>I haven’t gotten through all of book one, but I was surprised at how chatty he seems. I expected the writing to be more formal and maybe that has something to do with the new translation, but the stories were much more approachable and easy to read than I expected.</p><p>I was surprised to see how minimal a representation Helen of Troy’s story got. It just goes to show how what we hear is selective — just like the media of today – Homer chose to pull out that story and it became a significant piece of our historical lexicon. Yet, Herry (what I’ve taken to calling Herodotus ‘cuz it is more fun) seems to have given little space.</p><p>Every time some big king goes to an oracle, I giggle. I giggle because I know someone is going to get caught in the throws of farce or irony. "If you go to war a great kingdom will fall." Oooops, forgot to ask who’s kingdom that might be.</p><p>Patti Freeman Evans<br></p>

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