Jim Janicki (H2008)

Jim Janicki is VP/GM of Invitrogen’s Applied Markets Business. Invitrogen is a biotechnology company that sells products for research, drug discovery, and bioproduction in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  Jim’s mission is to move beyond the traditional customers of Invitrogen and evolve Invitrogen technologies into solutions that benefit new markets  Current markets being explored and expanded into include Transplant Diagnostics; Point-of-Care diagnostics; air, soil, water, & food testing; forensics, veterinary diagnostics, and biofuels.

Jim’s previous role at Invitrogen was VP, Global Operations for the Cell Culture/Bioproduction division as well as Invitrogen-wide operations in the Asia/Pacific region.  Jim has held previous positions at Sun Microsystems, GE Lighting, GE Plastics, Pharmacia & Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, and Union Carbide Specialty Chemicals.

Jim holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and a MBA from Western Michigan University.  He is a registered Professional Engineer and a certified Master Black Belt in Lean and Six Sigma.

Jim and his wife live in San Mateo, CA and his leasure interests include rock, ice, and mountain climbing, photography, kite boarding, wine tasting, and dreaming up new business ideas.

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