I had 2 related thoughts/observations to share. I find it interesting that Sheol, the Pit is frequently mentioned as something from which people want to be protected and which seems to approximate modern concept of hell, but that there is no heaven or paradise alluded to. It seems that the reward is a painufree earthly existence, which is guaranteed if you fear and praise God. I wonder where the concept of heaven originates. On a related note, in Psalm 106.28, the people are reprimanded for making sacrifices to the dead as part of a Baal worship ritual. I wonder if the fear of Sheol/death is meant to repudiate veneration of the dead and, hence, Baal worship.

Anyway, just something to kick around.


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  1. January 23, 2008 at 09:49 AM says:

    <p>Frank,</p><p>I hear you!</p><p>It does seem that Sheol is a precurose to Hell – but it’s not a full-service concept 😉 And heaven is completely left out. I look forward to hearing what other people have to say about where the concept of Heaven originated.</p><p>On another note, I’ve been surprised to find Proverbs so full of references to the importance of "advisors." It’s really a promotional text for my Councils service ;-)</p><p>And it seems somewhat out of keeping with the messages of the Bible to pound so heavy on the importance of learning from and working with a team of human advisors.</p><p>Thoughts on that?</p>

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