Fear of God theme continued

I saw this post a while back and thought it was another angle on our fear of God thread last night.

It got me thinking… why were they preaching so much about fearing God and not as much about fearing Satan? Why not use God to represent love and compassion, but if you do not do good, you align yourself with evil Satan who will bring death and destruction to your life. Maybe they didn’t want Satan to be that powerful. Let God have all the power. Reduce the seductiveness of the dark side…

I’m sure there’s many scholars that have commented on this, but it’s seems more fun to let it swirl around my head for the moment.

This post is about how many people God killed in the Bible vs. how many Satan killed.

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One Response to Fear of God theme continued

  1. January 03, 2008 at 11:56 AM says:

    <p>Bill,</p><p>2 million that God killed compared to 10 for Satan? Wow. That’s a provocative way to look at it.</p><p>I agree that many scholars have commented on this and that it’s more interesting to stick with the primary source and develop our own thinking.</p><p>Thanks for sending this along!</p><p>Phil</p>

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