Henry Seiden (H2008, T2008, A2009)


I’m a psychologist and a psychoanalyst.  I live and practice–in the winter–in Forest Hills, NY but I spend as much of the summer as I can at our family beach house in Truro on Cape Cod.

I teach and supervise psychotherapy at several local universities and I’m on the Board of Directors of the Division of Psychoanalysis of the American Psychological Association.  I see patients in my office about half time and, more and more, spend my free time reading (novels, travel writing, the classics) and writing–these days poetry and essays on poetry.

I’ve published professionally (on suicide, on narcissism, on metaphor) and I’ve been studying poetry and working seriously at writing it for many years.  I’ve published poems in Poetry magazine, and in a number of other literary and professional journals.  I’m looking for a publisher for a collection of Bronx childhood poems–tentatively titled Spaldeen.

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1 Response to Henry Seiden (H2008, T2008, A2009)

  1. Marty Margulies says:

    Henry, I’m pretty sure that you’re my boyhood friend who lived on the Grand Concourse opposite Franz Sigel Park. I was moved to seek you out and contact you upon learning, quite by chance, of Eric Greenbush’s recent death. If you are not the same person, I apologize for troubling you. But if you are, and would like to catch up (as I would), please contact me at the above email address: mmargulies023@earthlink.net, or call me at (203) 582-3252. Marty

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