Patti Freeman Evans (H2008)


Patti Freeman Evans is a senior analyst with Jupiter Research, focusingon multi-channel retail strategy, with nineteen years of diversifiedexperience, expertise in creating customer-centric ecommerce sites,integrating channels effectively, developing innovative marketinginitiatives and ensuring high-standard customer service and orderfulfillment operations.

Freeman Evans has been quoted in major media outlets such as The WallStreet Journal, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and Business2.0, as well as in industry publications such as Internet Retailer,Executive Technology. Freeman Evans has also appeared on NBC NightlyNews.

Before joining Jupiter Research, Freeman Evans held leadershippositions with leading internationally know companies likeBloomingdale’s and Godiva Chocolatier. Most recently, Freeman Evans wasDirector of Shopping Services with where she touchedon all aspects of the multi-channel retail business. Brought on boardto create and launch Bloomingdale’s Bridal Registry website, Freeman Evans directed all aspects of the business,from concept to implementation, including backend, customer service andstore integration issues. In her previous capacities at Bloomingdale’sFreeman Evans led the International Marketing Department andimplemented award-winning multiple-media marketing and retentionprograms. Further, Freeman Evans has done project work to developinteractive educational products for adults and children.

Freeman Evans holds a B.A. in Business Administration andStudio Art from Franklin and Marshall. In addition to her duties withJupiter Research, she has taught E-commerce at the Fashion Institute ofTechnology in New York City. Freeman Evans is also a Member of theBoard of Directors for, a membership organization that servesthe online and multichannel retail community and a division of theNational Retail Federation.

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One Response to Patti Freeman Evans (H2008)

  1. December 08, 2007 at 11:05 AM says:

    <p>Hi Patti,<br>It’s John Hall at Edgell Communications – you moderated a panel at one of our first Retail Executive Summits a few years ago. I hope you’re doing well. I was certain I recognized you in the crowd a the book launch last week. I think this reading group is going to be great! Have a wonderful holiday season!<br>Best regards,<br>John</p>

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