Frank Renzler (RO1)


I have been in the construction industry, primarily in New York City, for over 25 years, the last 15 of those at Structure Tone.  I am currently the Executive-in-Charge of the Bank of America’s 1.5 million square foot build-out at One Bryant Park, the largest LEED Gold installation in the country.  Other noteworthy projects I have had a managerial role in are the United States Courthouse at Foley Square, J. P. Morgan 60 Wall Street Headquarters and SONY Recording Studios. 

I was born and raised in the Lower West Side of Manhattan, attended Regis High School, SUNY Binghamton and Columbia University Graduate Business School.  I have been married to Ann for 26 years and have two children; Nicholas, who graduated from Brown University in 2007, and Katie, who is entering her sophomore year there.  I enjoy spending time with friends, reading, cooking and playing the guitar.  I welcome the opportunity to read the “great” books with other like-minded people.

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