Nancy Miller (TOR)


In my position as VP, Internet & Technology for Woodcraft SupplyCorp., I am responsible for the Online Division, Database MarketingGroup and Information Technology Department. I have worked for thecompany since 1992 and over that period have transformed Woodcraft.comfrom a simple online catalog to the primary source of gross profitdollars for the company.

I also manage all aspects of the online sales channel, including:programming and development, creative, advertising, e-marketing andsearch advertising. I have created a powerful team that has facilitatedsales growth and increased site traffic over 100% in the past twoyears. Internet sales now exceed catalog sales.

Within the past two years, I spearheaded a complete rebuild My team brought the programming and hardware in-housefrom a previous third party, and equipped the site with additionalsearch, analysis, and performance tools. The move to bring thee-commerce functions in-house has proven to be an excellent decision.The redesign also earned us the 2005 Outstanding Website Award from theWeb Marketing Association.

Woodcraft is a private, mid-size company that sells woodworkingproducts and education to consumers through multiple channels,including 80-franchise stores nationwide, direct-mail and an extensiveonline presence. I play a key role in uniting all channels. As aFranchisor, Woodcraft experiences challenges similar to manufacturersselling direct to the consumer.

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