John Halloran (A2009)


John leads all product management efforts at Liquidnet, including design, product definition and business analysis. As one of the first employees of the company – John built and managed Liquidnet’s implementation group, which is responsible for installing, integrating and maintaining the Liquidnet system at Member sites. More recently, John has overseen the creation and staffing of a dedicated interaction design team within Liquidnet’s software development process.

In 6 years of operation, Liquidnet has been recognized by Institutional Investor as the #1 Brokerage Firm for Global Trading’; quickly besting long-established players in the institutional equity trading space. Liquidnet owes much of this success to the attention it pays to user experience. The foundation of the Liquidnet user experience is Liquidnet’ patented integration with Order Management Systems, of which John is an inventor. Currently, John is at work on the problems of internationalizing the Liquidnet offering; maintaining an elegant and consistent user experience that transcends diverse national, cultural and regulatory boundaries.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Occidental College, and is a graduate of Columbia University’s Computer Technology and Applications program. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and 2 young children.

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