Good Book 1 call


I enjoyed tonight’s call on Herodotus Book 1. Special thanks to Shawn, Laurel and Oliver for kicking off our discussion on each of the three main questions!

Our next call is one month away – Monday, March 5 – we’ll send out reminders well in advance (same call-in information as always). Andre will also send out the three questions to cover both Books 2 and 3 for that call.

In the meantime, please use the reading group email list –

– to send questions, comments and references so we can maintain the connection and camraderie that we started to build tonight.

Thank YOU!


P.S. I’ll also send out reminders about the upcoming movie “300” – we’ll definitely get a group together in NY to go see it. Maybe we can all go see it the same night in different cities 😉

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