Questions for Book 1


Thank you for reading Herodotus with us in this “dry run”! You are such an interesting, diverse group. It’s a thrill to be doing this with you.

Below are the questions we’d like you to keep in mind as you read Book 1.

“See” you Monday, February 5 at 8pm NYC time 1-800-615-2900
Thanks – Phil and Andre

Question 1 Herodotus famously says on page 5 that he will talk about not just great cities but small – How do Croesus and Cyrus serve as examples for this important part of Herodotus’ philosophy?

Question 2 Oracles play a key role in the first half of Book 1. Be prepared to talk about the Oracles – what was prophesied, the impact the oracles had and the role of fate in ancient Greece/Herodotus. Also think about “asking for help” – it comes up throughout Herodotus.

Question 3 Book 1 is full of stories – some of these may be familair to you because many writers have read Herodotus and been influenced by or borrowed from him. What are some of your favorite stories from this first book?

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