Reading Odyssey first annual meeting


We are just a day away from our first annual Reading Odyssey get together.

Whether you’ll be there in person or in spirit – what questions do you have for Bob Strassler, editor of our Thucydides edition?

And, if you aren’t going to be there, definitely send in some questions to: – so we can all see what you are interested in and try to ask Bob during our dinner in the private
Trustees’ dining room.


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1 Response to Reading Odyssey first annual meeting

  1. Phil Terry says:

    <p>Rob,</p><p>These are great questions.</p><p>what about folks who are not coming to the dinner? what questions do you have?</p><p>Phil</p><p>P.S. wasn’t Book 8 a bit crazy? it just ends midpoint. and, what does Thucydides think about Alcibiades, anyway? He and several others seem to go up and down in the eyes of Thucydides.</p>

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