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Question about the dinner with Bob Strassler

Hello Rob, Nancy, Kendall, Pat and Andre. It is great that you got to spend an evening with Bob Strassler. I am wondering how the question/answer part of the evening went. In particular, was Bob able to answer any of the groups questions (see belo… Continue reading

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Reading Odyssey first annual meeting

Folks, We are just a day away from our first annual Reading Odyssey get together. Whether you’ll be there in person or in spirit – what questions do you have for Bob Strassler, editor of our Thucydides edition? And, if you aren’t going to be there… Continue reading

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Why do we like to go to war?

Rob et al, In last night’s call, I said that the decision to go to war with Sicily reminded me of the atmosphere in the U.S. when we decided to go to war with Iraq. Rob chided me (politely, of course 😉 reminding me that the world of Athens is ve… Continue reading

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great call, thank YOU

Folks, Our new framework – where we have different members of the group tee up the conversation on three topics from our reading – seemed to work well tonight. Thanks again to Eric, Rob and Frank for leading our conversations on the treaties in Bo… Continue reading

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