Herodotus Books 2- 4. How’s it going?


Now that most of us are reading Books 2 – 4.

How’s it going?

What questions or comments do you have?Look forward to your thoughts


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One Response to Herodotus Books 2- 4. How’s it going?

  1. August 25, 2005 at 11:08 PM says:

    <p>I’m really a pacifist, but reading Herodotus gets the drumbeats going. What must it have been like to have been in Xerxes’ army? A million men on the march, striking fear into every village they pass. But what a management challenge, too! Compared to the homogenity of the US military—same uniform, weapons, slang, language, ground rules and high-speed high-tech, video game violence—here you have a melting-pot horde, most of them forced into duty, from different countries wearing all different manner of clothes, carrying diff weapons (those lengthy descriptions got a little eye-numbing) but ordered to build bridges across straits and slash their way through virgin foreign forests to kill athenians few of them have a real beef with. Stirring experiences for the young hot-heads of ancient times, but probably hell for everyone else.</p>

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