How’s it going with Herodotus?

Folks,How’s it going with Herodotus?A number of you have made it through Book 1 and report you are in Book 2 (with only a few of you in Book 3 or beyond).Let us know how it’s going!Phil

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One Response to How’s it going with Herodotus?

  1. July 11, 2005 at 09:24 AM says:

    <p>I’m into Book 3. </p><p>It helps to simply ignore a lot of proper names….I am not one who is detail fixated…and I am finding the stories and the author delightful. H’s sturdy self confidence is impressive (He thinks so too!) and the stories lead one on and on.</p><p>Interesting the changes from when Homer was writing, and fascinating to envision Herodotus’ geography. I do appreciate your choice of this book. Jean</p>

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