Favorite passages?

Pat and I recently discussed how much we love the language – how Homer says so much in so few words.

Peter James, in his post from last week, remarked on the language, the subtle recurrences and nuances.

“…the rosy hue of dawn is revisted, the ship is several times “black”(anyone have a reason to offer?), Odysseus is repeatedly greeted “Sonof Laertes, in the line of Zeus…”
(read peter’s post)

Sharon Edry also remarked on the beauty of this “marvelous transation” and says she has been reading it out loud (read Sharon’s post).

So, the question for the week: what are some of your favorite passages?

– Phil and Pat

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1 Response to Favorite passages?

  1. June 29, 2005 at 08:48 PM says:

    <p>I love the passages about identity that arise throughout the book. For example, this passage from Book 10, line 346, when Odysseus meets Circe and Circe asks:</p><p>"Who are you, and where do you come from?<br>What is your city and who are your parents?"</p><p>Also, this passage (from book 8, line 618), when Odysseus is this the Phaeacians:</p><p>"But tell me this, and tell me the truth.<br>Where have you wandered, to what lands?<br>Tell me about the people and cities you saw,<br>Which ones are cruel and without right and wrong,<br>And which are godfearing and kind to strangers.<br>And tell me why you weep and gieve at heart When you hear the fate of the Greeks and Trojans."</p>

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